Our signature GOLANI ROLLS are 100% hand-crafted, premium infused pre-rolls using all natural RAW papers, composed of a blend of our exclusive Golani O.G flowers (70% indica/30% sativa) dipped in hash oil and rolled in kief, ultimatey containing over 1.8 grams of Golani infused product giving a smooth, potent and long lasting pre-roll.

Our Golani Extracts 

Concentrates provide numerous medicinally 

beneficial options to find the perfect formula to aid in 

any pain relief or ailments. We offer a variety of the highest quality 

strain specific forms of extraction. High potency Indica, Sativa and Hybrid 

strains are manufactured in tamper resistant packaging by half grams

 in order to ensure the indulger recieves clean and consistent medicine.

 We take the utmost pride in upholding our reputation to provide

 the quality of each Golani Concentrate is made with only the idea

 of medicinal benefits and overall improvement of quality of 

life to each and every individual who experiences Golani.